Tech Labs Spring 2018

Tech Labs Winter 2018


Web Design

The internet has taken on a unique and ubiquitous role in our lives. If nothing else, this class will pull back the curtain and reveal how pictures of cats get from one place to another across the globe. This lab begins by teaching students to create a website using nothing but code, then moves on to concepts of domains and hosting. It then transitions into an introduction to rapid website creation and deployment using the free and open source WordPress content management system. Students who have completed this lab report a tremendous gain in tech confidence. Proceed to Lab


Graphic Design

Have you ever seen a flyer that jumped out at you because of how good it was? Or maybe because of how bad it was? Have you ever found an awesome organization or business and wanted to check them out on social media, only to find that they haven’t posted in a year and their page doesn’t even have a cover photo? From branding assets to sharable social media images, nonprofits have a need for basic graphic design. This lab will introduce you to industry standard tools like Photoshop and InDesign as a way of understanding key graphic design concepts so that you may apply them with any tool you wish. Proceed to Lab


Video Editing

Editing is the soul of film. Without editing, things look cheap. Without editing, the story is not told. Many ambitious individuals have gone into the field to shoot amazing things only for it to never see the light of day because they couldn’t cut it together into a cohesive final product. Often times, nonprofits will have tons of footage, but no way to utilize it. The video editing lab will introduce you to video editing software and practices so that you may begin to create valuable works. This particular lab will focus on editing footage from a recent Everett student project in South Africa. Proceed to Lab

Changes to the Labs Format

This quarter we are trying out a new platform for the tech labs lessons that we think will make learning tech a smoother experience. When we first established, it was in response to our growing need to publish original content and provide a more welcoming learning environment that our previous platform, Moodle, couldn’t handle. WordPress has helped us expand our labs, encourage more methods of learning and teaching, and made the lessons more accessible. But as the volume of content began to grow, we’ve come to realize that the platform is no longer suitable. Hence, we are experimenting with a new platform called “Gitbook”.