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Accessing eBooks

Accessing eBooks
The UC library system is one of the biggest, well-funded research resources in the world. You have access to a huge amount of journals, online databases, books as part of your tuition. One of the most underutilized resources are ebooks. This is mainly because there are extra steps you must go through to access

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Using the Wiki

As part of your Practical Tech assignment, you were asked to post your findings on the Everett Program Wiki. You probably asked yourself, “What’s that and how?” Well wonder no more, because here we go.
Go to
We created a subdomain on and then installed a free, open source wiki application called “DokuWiki”. We chose

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Common Stuff You’ll Be Asked to Do

These tech labs often require you to submit homework in ways that you may not be used to. It’s important that you be able to do certain tasks, so we made this post for you to use as a reference.
Taking Screenshots
This is a common task. A lot of times a homework assignment will call for

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