Essential Tech IFTTT


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Spring Evals


WordPress Pt II


Graphic Design

Video Production

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TE Lesson 5 Without Toggles

Establishing an Online Presence for you and your Organization
How you present yourself online is as important as you present yourself in person. Whether it is about keeping up to date with the news or your personal network, this lesson will demonstrate how social media, social media management tools, facebook pages, and Twitter have multi-dimensional applications.

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Coding Troubleshooting

Image Not Showing

Check your syntax

It should be  <img src=”address” /> where “address” is a URL or the name of an image file

Make sure the image file is in the right place

Any file you reference must have a clear path to it. This means if you write <img src=”logo.png” /> then logo.png must be in the same folder as your webpage. If

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Revised HW 2 TE

Homework Assignment
Follow all directions to this assignment. It is a long, but simple assignment. Make sure to submit all files with the correct labels and turn it in on time.
Get on The Google Doc
I have created a google doc that will be shared with y’all. I want each of you to edit and make a comment on

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Example for HW 6

Titles and Metas

SEO Proof



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RSS Readers

By using RSS, you don’t have to manually check all the websites and blogs you follow. We highly recommend checking out the various options and choosing one that works well for you.
Web Apps


Feedly is a wonderfully intuitive newsreader that can display your subscriptions in a number of ways from lists to tiles to magazine style.

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Where to put Your RSS Button

Location, Location, Location
This is your website so it’s your choice where things go. Graphene comes with that  nifty topbar, but you’re not someone to be constrained by theme defaults. So why not get rid of the top bar altogether and strike out on your own path?
Disabling Top Bar
You don’t have to do this, but why

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Burning a Feed with Feedburner

Burn Baby Burn
This post will walk you through setting up an RSS feed on Feedburner. There are two things to consider first though.

WordPress has a default RSS feed set up already. It’s yoursite.com/feed
Feedburner offers analytics and easy management, but may soon go away. Consider this good practice for how to set up a feed with

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