Outcomes for this lesson:

  • Introductions & Syllabus
  • Activity: Icebreaker/Rule of Thirds Exercise
  • Basic Design Principles
  • Tool Overview
  • Cloning Tool
  • Content-Aware Tool

Photoshop Tool Overview


Content Aware Move & Extend Tool Video

Content Aware Fill Walk-Through

How to: Content Aware Fill

Clone Stamp Tool

Homework Assignment

Choose 3 images from a non-profit organization and do the following:

  1. Clone an item in the image or make an object disappear using the cloning tool
  2. Fill or move 1 item in the image using the content-aware tool
  3. Crop an image using the rule of thirds
  4. Crop and image using the central focal point
  5. Export all images as a JPEG and submit before and after your edits

Submit Homework to: submit.everettprogram.org