Project #1:

It’s about that time.. Fall enrollment is coming up and we want to outreach to more students about enrolling into the Sociology 30 series.  For your first project, it’s up to you to make a thoughtfully designed flyer we could potentially use for outreach.  We want to design these flyers based on college affiliation because we can target a broader audience based on their interests rather than their major.   We’ll brainstorm together who does what college and assign them in class.

Required information:

  • Make sure the flyer format is in 8.5 x 11 in. (New > Preset: U.S. Paper > OK)
  • Everett tagline: “Digital tools for Social Innovation”
  • Everett website link:
  • Everett location: Social Sciences 2 047
  • Description of the Everett Program that encompasses using technology for social justice
  • Relation of Everett to specific college affiliation
  • Enroll into 30A
  • The language and creative design control is all on you!


We will be grading you on your use of all 7 tools listed below:

  • Opacity (2 points)
  • Text-tool (2 points)
  • Clipping-mask (2 points) – optional
  • Shapes (2 points)
  • Filters (2 points)
  • Gradient layers/Colorizing by hand (2 points)
  • Brushes (2 points)

As well as a paragraph on why you chose (10 pts):

  • the color scheme
  • the layout
  • the alignment
  • any other design principles you thought about

Also, please label your layers and make notes of which layer uses which tool.  For example if you used a filter on a shape, label it “shape – filter”.  It’s a good habit and it’ll make sure I don’t mark you down for missing tools.


I would recommend submitting different versions of the flyer to split up your use of the tools but if you can fit them all on one graphic, that’s okay too.  You can submit as many versions as you need.

Feel free to refer back to lesson one, two or three for tutorials.

Explore the main Everett Program website for pictures and any inspiration.

Here is a link to our Everett art assets which include color swatches and logos.

Resources: – free icon hub – complementary color generator – free brush hub – free font hub – Adobe tutorials – good and bad flyers explained


You will be submitting your .psd file instead of saving it for the web.  This is so we can deconstruct how you made the flyer to make sure you used all the tools.  To do so, make sure you zip all of your files into one folder including the images, brushes and fonts that you’ve used.  If not, we won’t be able to grade your work correctly because of missing files.  Send the zipped folder to

Keep in mind that if your flyer looks good, we’ll use it! So getcha design on ;D

Need Some Inspiration?

Here is an example I made.




This is how you should label your layers.

project 1 example - label


Here’s more inspiration.

Courtesy of Printaholic

A classy layout with great use of placement, typography and colors.


A combination of simple stylistic elements to convey a very clear message.


An attractive mix of colors, typefaces and images.


Packs exhaustive information in a striking visual context.


A nice blend of graphics, colors and fonts.


Appealing use of hand-drawn typography and graphic elements.


The flyer’s style fits the product perfectly.


Clean design with an artistic flare.


This flyer is minimal and clever. It also had immediate visual impact.