Class Objectives

  • Use Photoshop & InDesign together
  • Analyze data related to Watsonville
  • Visualize data
  • Apply design tactics and data visualization to a poster

For this assignment you will be using Photoshop and InDesign to create a poster with data visualizations.

Please use data from the Census Quick Facts: Watsonville, CA

Making Your Data Tell a Story

The purpose of data visualizations are to clearly represent and connect different data points for a main message.  For example, if we want to show the correlation between education and poverty levels, we would connect data points like percentage of high school graduates, percentage of Bachelor degrees and persons below poverty level.  Analyze the available data set from the Census Quick Facts: Watsonville, CA — if you notice interesting connections between data points, visualize them together and frame your message around that.

How to Credit the Authors

Flat Icon is a great resource and they are kind enough to give out these great graphics for free, so we must remember to credit the authors.  After you download the flat icon, a pop up will appear:

flat icon credit

If you are displaying your graphics on a website, you will copy and paste their link to credit the author.  The link translates into this text:

Icons made by Freepik from is licensed by CC BY 3.0
Copy and paste this at the bottom right corner in small text.

Using Graphs

data relationships

Homework Assignment

Create a poster that includes:

  • 2 data visualizations using flat icon
    • another simplified graphic is acceptable, but flat icons are easiest to create
  • 1 data visualization using a graph of your choice
  • complementary colors
  • design principles of thoughtful layout and alignment (will be marked down if not)
  • a call to action, like a link to resource, a way to get involved, contact information, etc.


  • PDF of poster
  • JPEG of color scheme

Here are some examples of what your submission should look like:

PDF of poster:

lesson 8 example

Color scheme:

This is an example of 3 color schemes.  You only need to submit one.