Outcomes for this lesson:

  • Go over brainstorming and outlining for an infographic
  • Go over different data visualization techniques
  • Deconstruct the thought-process and making of an infographic
  • Assign second project

For your final project, we will be combining all of the tools and concepts you’ve learned in Photoshop and InDesign to make an awesome graphic for one of Everett’s partners, ETR (Education Training Research).  ETR has been conducting a longitudinal study and has brought data on different views of student confidence in math, barriers at home and in school, demographics on the individual and household, and resources. We have been asked to visualize the data through infographics. They will be using these infographics to show PVUSD administration, principals, and teachers to gain a better understanding of the students and their performance in math.  Using your skills in Photoshop and InDesign, you will have the chance to showcase your infographic work to the school district with ETR.

We will be breaking down the data into 4 categories:

  1. Demographics – Individual
  2. Demographics – Household
  3. Barriers – At Home & In School
  4. Resources

Download the data here.  Download the questions broken down by category here.

You will be graded on your use of:


  • Shapes (background color counts!) 2 pts
  • Text 2 pts
  • Transparency 2 pts
  • Stroke 2 pts
  • Alignment tools 2 pts

InDesign Extras (choose 2 or more) – no extra credit if you use more

  • Text wrap 2 pts
  • Paragraph tools 2 pts
  • Character tools 2 pts
  • Frame shape tools 2 pts

Utilize flaticon.com 5 pts

One paragraph explanation on:

  • Positioning and alignment 2pts
  • Why you chose the color scheme 2pts
  • The overall message 2pts

Name your layers 5pts

Layout organization and alignment 5pts

Next week, you will present your infographic (Think elevator pitch!) 5pts

It should include:

  • your thought process of creating the infographics
  • a summary of the findings and why it’s important
  • overall explanation of layout, alignment, colors, etc.
  • explain why you chose the “extra” tools, if you used extra InDesign/Photoshop tools

Finally, make a zip file of all your work from class, if you don’t have all, tell us which you don’t have and we’ll pull it from the archive 5pts