Introduction to CiviCRM with WordPress
Spring 2015

Thursdays 6:00-7:45pm
The Everett Program Office: Social Science 2 room 074

Lab leader:
Christine Yang (

Office Hours: Tues: 1-2:30, Thurs: 4-5:30

Lab Facilitator:
Helen Toloza (

Course Description

CiviCRM is a tool that helps organizations manage information about their stakeholders, including donors, members, volunteers and advocates, as well as providing a powerful database tool that integrates bulk email and online donation processing tools. CiviCRM, once installed on a local server or shared hosting (in tandem with a CMS), and allows users to view, modify and manage a large array of organizational and membership data.

This quarter, utilizing the technologies listed above this course will address and provide hands-on training for the installation, configuration and development of CiviCRM within WordPress CMS. By the end of the quarter students will be able to set up a CiviCRM+CMS and necessary applications on shared hosting, perform an extensive field assessment to assess and fit CiviCRM into organization’s workflow (who is using it? what aspects of the application? etc.), and be able to train on the basic aspects of CiviCRM, including capabilities, installation, and basic configuration.


  • Understand the importance of keeping track of data
  • Understand why you should use CiviCRM to keep up with constituents
  • Be able to install and navigate on CiviCRM independently
  • Be able to customize CiviCRM to fit the needs of an organization
  • Be able to explain and teach the functions of CiviCRM to someone who doesn’t know it yet

Course Structure

I understand that many of you need this lab to work on your projects, and I want to cover as many materials as possible, as a result, I’ve written some really long lesson contents explaining how CiviCRM components work, and showing instructions to customize your CiviCRM. However, in my opinion, CiviCRM is not something that can be taught through just reading or lectures, instead, it requires a lot of hands-on learning and on-site troubleshooting. Therefore, I will spend about 25 to 30 minutes on brief instructions, then you’re off to reading/skimming through the lessons and working on assigned tasks individually. I expect you to develop troubleshooting skills (for example, read the lab lessons, use online resources, test things out, etc. ), but the facilitator and I will help you with any obstacles you encounter or any questions about the class content. Although you will be working on assignments on your own, I also hope to see you and other students working collectively and helping each other out.

I have some experience working with CiviCRM, but I am not super knowledgeable about it. That being said, I might not be able to answer all of your questions, or explain things in clear ways at all times, but I’ll try my best to give you clear instructions and guidance. This is also my first quarter leading a tech lab, and I would really appreciate any feedback about my teaching style and how I can improve your learning experience. Lastly, students are encouraged to bring their own laptops and work on them.

Course Website

All of the lab lessons, class materials, and assignments will be posted on the Everett Labs site prior to our weekly meeting. Please visit the website regularly. I also update most of the content to my website. If for any reason the Everett site is unavailable, please refer to my website.

Assignments & late policy

All assignments are due a week later at 6pm on Thursday. Please submit your assignments via email to the submission email address: Please include your name and HW# in the subject line (ex: Christine Yang HW1). All assignments should be sent as attachments and properly labeled/named.
Our late/resubmission policies are the following:

  • Late assignment: can score up to 70% of the grade 1 week after due date. Any submission later than that will not be accepted.
  • Resubmission: can score up to 85% of the total grade 1 week after grade return date. Any submission later than that will not be accepted
  • The above policies will not be applied to Project 2, the final assignment.

Class Topics and Schedule:

  • 04-02 Lesson 1: What is CRM
  • 04-09 Lesson 2: Installation and basics
  • 04-16 Lesson 3: Contacts Tab Part I
  • 04-23 Lesson 4: Contact Tab Part II
  • 04-30 Lesson 5: Mailing Tab
  • 05-07 Lesson 6: Events Tab
  • 05-14 Lesson 7: Memberships Tab
  • 05-21 Lesson 8: Contributions Tab
  • 05-28 Lesson 9: Administers Tab
  • 06-04 Lesson 10: Project 2


Attendance and Participation: 10%

Your active participation in Everett labs is crucial not just for your own success, but for that of your fellow students. Labs move very quickly and there are a limited number of meetings. Consequently, we only allow for two unexcused absences. After that, each unexcused absence will result in a 10% penalty to your final lab grade, which is 25% of your grade in 30C. If you think you cannot make it to lab, please contact the lab leader, Christine before hand to make arrangements so that you do not fall behind.

Weekly Assignments: 50%

Must complete all weekly assignments in class and follow ALL assignment directions.

Project 1 and 2: 20% each, 40% total

Projects require integrations of multiple tools in previous lessons. All projects must follow instructions and be submitted on time. Project 2 is due during finals week hence no late or resubmission will be accepted.