Introduction to Mapping Lab

Spring 2015

Thursdays 6-7:45 @ the Everett Office


Mapping is one of the hottest technologies in the realm of community empowerment in modern times. Maps allow the world to quickly dive into and get the feeling of a complex issue. Community mapping tools empower individuals and civil society groups to take control of the tools used to create these maps and subsequently tell their story to the world at large or create tools for use in their own communities. This lab will be partly a survey of those tools as well as a case study and continuation of the amazing work done by lab leader, Tyler Spencer this summer in South Africa with the Community Monitors.

Upon completion of this course, students will have gained knowledge of a range of tools that can be used to execute projects involving various forms of data visualization– innovative ways of displaying data that can represent a geographical form but is not confined to it. This range will allow students to decide which tools are better suited for the needs of the project, target audience, and information. For example, any tool can be participatory but certain tools like Crowdmap are made with the structures that facilitate crowd participation in data collection.


Tyler Spencer

Office Hours: TBD

Weekly Assignments

All students will be required to regularly check the class website as a majority of all and resources will be posted and made available there. The class website is

We do not expect everyone to have full access to these programs, so there will be time allotted in class to begin working on them. As a rule of thumb, weekly assignments will be due the following Thursday by 6 pm.

Late Work

  1. Credit for late work will only be given if the student notifies the instructor/lab leader by the tie of the deadline that will be late, along with an explanation why (which could be extenuating circumstances, or a desire to do a better job while taking a decrease in grade.) If no notice is given, no credit will be given for the assignment.
  2. In the case of wanting more time to turn it in, there will be a drop of 5% for each 24 hours it is late, up to a week,  then no more credit.
  3. In the case of documented extenuating circumstances (e.g. sick, with a doctor’s notice, or some other external verification of the extenuating circumstances) the instructor/lab leader will set a new due date, after which the above policy would apply.



Assignment Breakdown

General Tech: 10%

Weekly Assignments 70%

Must complete all weekly assignments on time and follow ALL assignment directions.

Project TBD 20%


Students may miss two labs without excuse. After that, unexcused absences will result in 10% reduction in the overall lab grade. An excused absence is when they email or talk to you before hand telling you that they have a medical issue or personal emergency that’s causing them to not be able to attend.

Your active participation in Everett Labs is crucial not just for your own success, but also for that of your fellow students. Labs move very quickly and there are a limited number of meetings. Consequently, we only allow for two unexcused absences. After that, each unexcused absence will result in a 10% penalty to your final lab grade, which is 25% of your grade in SOCY30. If you think you cannot make it to lab, please email your lab leader before hand to make arrangements so that you do not fall behind.