Final Project

Our last assignment for the class will be to finish the Ushahidi website.

The objective of our map was to establish great places around campus to study in peace. In addition, where on campus students have access to printers.

To finalize this project we will be dividing up the work based on colleges. We will be hitting all 10 colleges

  • Cowell
  • Stevenson
  • Crown
  • Merrill
  • Porter
  • Kresge
  • Oakes
  • College 8
  • College 9
  • College 10

During class today we will cover the things that we’ve gone over this quarter. Following, we will be choosing who will be going where. With the rest of our class time today, I will be giving you the opportunity to finish this.

Homework: Go to the college you’ve decided upon and find 4 different places to study and/or printer locations students can use. Create a report on and submit your 4. Send me an email after you’ve finished your submissions letting me know which 4 you did.

This was my first time hosting a class and I just wanted to say thank you to all of you. I had a blast working with you and impressed with your ability to pick up mapping. I would like to think that we all got something out of the class and I hope at some point what we have learned will be useful to you. I look forward to helping you all work on your projects next quarter. Enjoy your break!