How OpenstreetMap is used

  1. Add (or modify) a total of at least 5 features, making sure the following criteria are satisfied:
  • Five different types of features must be represented. In other words, don’t just trace 5 buildings. Use the OpenStreetMap wiki to learn the correct way to tag different types of features.
  • Point, Line, and Area features must be represented at least once in those 5 features.
  • Before you add the features, go to the main OSM page at and take some screen captures.
    (If you have trouble thinking what to add, consider mapping parks, schools, churches, restaurants, civic buildings, clinics, ponds, wetlands, etc. )
2. Create a document with a list of the features you edited and add the “before” screenshots.
3. Wait for about 10-15 minutes after your edit session and then go to and take some screen captures of the new features. Note that OSM updates their tile levels at different times, so your feature may only be visible at certain tile levels. Choose any tile level that works for the screenshot. You don’t have to supply ten screenshots; just provide enough to show some of the “before” and “after” effects of your edits.
4. Paste the “after” screenshots in your report.