• Homework Review
  • Ushahidi Tutorial
  • Setup Ushahidi on your mobile device
  • Homework


Homework: Setting up a Ushahidi Deployment

This week our assignment will be to set up your own Ushahidi website and make a few submissions to it. Thomas and I have been working on using Ushahidi Beta, but we’ve had better luck in using Ushahidi Classic so we’ll use this. The goal of

  • First you’ll want to go to and create an acct and sign in and create a new deployment
    • Create a name for your website, it’ll show up as so choose this carefully it’s the first thing people will know about your map.
    • Map Name – What kind of map are you making, the name should be simplistic and instantly understandable
    • Tagline – tell us a bit about your map in a few words
    • Create map
  • Login to your account
    • There are 4 red boxes at the top of the page to help you get started initially
    • Red Boxes
      • Complete all of them
        • Your best friend tabs will be Settings, Dashboard, and Manage
        • Under Settings
          • Create a Site Name
          • A site tagline
          • Submit report message (this will show up when people access your deployment from a web page.)
            • Save
          • Next go to Map Tab
            • relocate the focus of the map on where you want
            • Make sure you delete the initial point on that map that it’s set on
            • Change the basemap
    • Map
        • Save
        • Go to Manage Tab
          • Create 3 New Categories with new Icons
            • Each Category should stick to the overall theme of the map
          • Add a new News Feeding source ie bbc, ucsc, aljazeera etc
            • Find a news source that is relevant to the theme
        • Dashboard
          • This is where you approve your reports that are coming in under the reports tab
          • You will also keep track of website traffic here
        • Lastly you’ll submit 5 reports to your own crowdmap
          • This reports should stick to the theme of your map and fall under one of your categories
  • Points will be based on everything mentioned above
    • Send me the link to your map after you’ve completed it.


Steps to Posting Reports to the Everett Crowdmap from a Smartphone/Tablet/Desktop


  • Download Ushahidi from the app store
  • On Ushahidi main screen locate where to add a new map by URL
    •  Enter Name – Everett Crowdmap
    • Enter Description – optional
    • Enter URL –
  • Map now appears on main page, enter map
  • Locate where to Add new Report
  • From Desktop open up the internet and go to the website
    • Under the submit tab


Everyone will make a submission today before we leave so that I know everyone knows how to do it.



Project: Map of printers and Study Areas on UCSC Campus 

Last week in the mapping class we came to a consensus about what we’d like to see on a map of UCSC. One of the things many of the maps of the campus are missing is great study locations and the locations of printers around campus that students can use. Knowing where printers are for students to use could help save a good amount of time rather than having to go completely out of your way to find one. For the most part people study in the same spots on campus simply because they are the only ones they really know about, let’s change that.


Using Ushahidi we’re going to be doing an ongoing project for the rest of the quarter to map out these locations. Each student will be responsible for at least 1 submission per week of either a printer location or a place to study with a picture to go with it. Also you’ll add a bit of information on your submission for example if it’s in a hard to find spot give more information on how students can access it. Do they need to take stairs? Knock 3 times at the door in the shadows at the darkest depths of the library to find the mystery printer? Be specific. It’s only 1 a week. Check the map also, no copies. This is a map for all students and all your friends, so find good places you think are great spots to study. Don’t be afraid to ask around also in different colleges. If you don’t have a way to take a picture please talk to me.