Go back to your proposal app from Project Two and make a copy of it. This is so you’ll have a backup copy of your app at previous stages of development.

You’ll be using your new knowledge of navigation methods to improve your proposal app.


On the homepage of your app, create a listview containing links to each section of your proposal (i.e. each page of your app).

Get rid of the stupid forward/backward links at the bottom of each page and simply replace them with a button linking back to the home page. Give the button a “home” icon using data-icon=”home”.

Upload it to your server and send me a link. You may have noticed that I’ve just been putting my examples into a folder called “mobile-test” and giving them names like “project-1″ and “project-3″. You might want to do the same thing to keep everything tidy.

Here’s what mine looks like. Check out the source code if you get stuck.