Introduction to Raspberry Pi 

Thursdays, 6:00-7:45pm
The Everett Program Office: Social Science 2 room 74
Lab Leader: Yesenia Torres

Course Description

This lab is an introduction to the basics of computer hardware and software through a hands-on application of Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi is an open source, mini computer that is designed to introduce people of all ages to the world of computing. By the end of the quarter you will gain a general understanding of how computers work, be introduced to coding in Python Language, and will be using Raspberry Pi to create a class project with real-world functionality. All the while, we will be thinking about the possible social implications that computing has. The best part is that this class is designed so that you don’t have to have any prior tech knowledge whatsoever.


  1. Students will achieve a general understanding on how computers work.
  2. Breakdown important vocabulary and “buzzwords” relating to computing.
  3. Understand what Raspberry Pi is and how to use it.
  4. Create a real world project using Raspberry Pi!
  5. Think critically on how affordable computers and computing in general can be used for social justice.

Course Schedule (tentative)

  • 10/1 Lesson 1: Introduction to Computer Hardware and Raspberry Pi
  • 10/8 Lesson 2: Introduction to Software and Operating Systems
  • 10/15 Lesson 3: Raspberry Pi-Understanding “Hacker Culture” and Raspberry Pi Installation
  • 10/22 Lesson 4: Introduction to Python part 1 and R.P. cont.
  • 10/29 Lesson 5: Introduction to Python part 2 and R.P. cont.
  • 11/5 Lesson 6: In-Class Project 1
  • 11/12 Lesson 7: Hardware and Software Revisted
  • 11/19 Lesson 8: In-Class Project 2
  • 11/26 Thanksgiving- No class 
  • 12/3 Lesson 9: Finish Project 2 and Presentations


     Weekly “General Tech” Assignments: 10%
     Homework: 35 %
     Project 1: 20 %
     Project 2: 35%


You will be emailing all your lab assignments to the e-mail for submission. Each homework assignment is due before the next lab by 6pm PST. Please send any attachments in PDF form. You will be given substantial time to finish the homework during lab, therefore, I expect there will be no late submissions. Please title each homework submission e-mail as follows:
“First Name Last Name Homework #”
Ex. “Yesenia Torres Homework 1”

Attendance Policy

Your active participation in Everett labs is crucial not just for your own success, but also for that of your fellow students. Labs move very quickly and there are a limited number of meetings. Consequently, we only allow for two unexcused absences. After that, each unexcused absence will result in a 10% penalty to your final lab grade, which is 25% of your grade in SOCY 30. If you think you cannot make it to lab, please email your lab leader before hand to make arrangements so that you do not fall behind.

Late Work Policy

Late work does not only set you back, but creates extra work for the people grading your assignments. That said, we understand that life happens, so we’ve tried to implement a grading policy that is fair

  1. Credit for late work will only be given if the student notifies the instructor/lab leader by the time of the deadline that they will be late, along with an explanation why (which could be extenuating circumstances, or a desire to do a better job while taking a decrease in grade). If no notice is given, no credit will be given for the assignment.
  2. In the case of just wanting more time to turn it in, there will be a drop of 5% for each 24 hours it is late, up to a week, then no more credit.
  3. In the case of documented extenuating circumstances (e.g. sick, with a doctor’s notice, or some other external verification of the extenuating circumstances) the instructor/lab leader will set a new due date, after which the above policy would apply.

TL;DR: You must alert your lab leader that you’ll be turning in late, it’s 5% off per day up to 7 days, extensions are given for extenuating circumstances

Office Hours

I am available for 2 hours outside class every week, by appointment. E-mail me or let me know in class if you would like to meet. Usually we will meet in Everett Office, unless otherwise stated.