Welcome to Technology Essentials Fall 2015!

The field of information technology is a constantly expanding: social media is ingrained into our everyday routines, new smartphone apps are available every day, old hardware is being refurbished, identities are being stolen and new personas are being created. This is intimidating to a lot of people, and for this reason a lot of practical, straightforward uses of information technology are avoided altogether. The objective of Technology Essentials is to erode this intimidation and anxiety and turn information technology into something that can be malleable, sustainable, easily understood, and enjoyable to use.


Tonje Switzer (towoswit@ucsc.edu)
Office Hours: Thursdays 1-3pm in the Everett Office


Jessica Crosby (jcrosby@ucsc.edu)


  1. Engage students with a range of modern technological tools that enable them to sustainably manage and efficiently research projects in an NGO setting.
  2. Demystifying technology to allow students to further explore, integrate, and collaborate new and existing technology.

Course Website

All students will be required to regularly check the course website (http://labs.everettprogram.org/classes/tech-essentials/) as a majority of all deliverables and resources will be posted and made available there. Weekly assignments will be posted on the site one week before their due date. All homework is due 6pm a week later from the day it was assigned on www.labs.everettprogram.org


Tech Essentials Syllabus (updated Fall 2015)