We will initiate a discussion of technology: how we interact with technology and the significance of these online networks. Introduce students to issues surrounding technology—access to technology, security, etc—and provide tools on how to select the appropriate program to suit project goals. In addition, students will be introduced to open source and proprietary softwares. In this introduction we will look at how to use the various operations of word processing and spreadsheet editing software programs. Who is ready for a little discussion!

Outcomes for this lesson:

  • Demystifying technology by allowing students to discover and discuss the power of techhnology. Hopefully technology related problems will be less intimidating!
  • Introduce students to issues surrounding technology, technologies use, and provide examples of innovative solutions to address some of these problems. Reveal some of the problems that are likely to arise when they are in the position of someone trying to help others with the ups and downs of technology.



Saving in Compatible Formats!

  • If you are sharing a document save it as PDF to preserve the format for all computers and softwares.
  • If you are sharing a document from word, officelibre, page or text editor save it as .doc or .docx if possible.
    • Although, proprietary has pros and cons, most institutions, computers, and softwares are compatible with word files.

Explain the homework! Feel free to ask clarification questions!

Homework Assignment

Open-Source Software (OSS)

Imagine you are working at a new and underfunded community organization. They are responsible for producing documents and presentations to share their research with funders and potential partners as well as applying to new grants and developing budget spreadsheets. They cannot afford to purchase a version of Microsoft Office for over $200 but have work that needs to be done. You have been sent some text over email to edit and a spread sheet to make some calculations.

In order to  do this work please do the following:

  • Download and install an open sourced alternative to Microsoft Office like LibreOffice.
    • steps for Windows installation
    • steps for linux installation short version or  long version (go to graphic installation section]
    • steps for mac with out images &/or with images (Mac libreoffice installation instructions)
      • READ ME: Mac has two versions LibreOffice Still and Fresh. The Fresh version is newer and has a few kinks/bugs users need to work with, whereas Still is older more tested and has less bugs. It is your choice on which one you want to install. Make sure the one that you use is the one that will follow the features needed to complete the assignment!
    • Take a cropped screen shots of the open source wordprocessor installed on the computer you are working on
  • Make sure that you are downloading the correct version!!
  • Do the following tasks. Take screenshots when noted (cropped please with all relevant into). (See instructions for taking screenshots here)
    • with lesson 1 hw doc: fix 4 grammer mistakes in the paragraph through tracking changes, highlight the passage you deem important, change the font, font size, create a title that is bold and italicized and underlined. This file is in a .txt file, you will need to copy and paste this onto officelibre in order to do the work above! Take a screenshot of the document that contains all the changes noted above.
    • Create another document and add a header that emulates the one found on the homepage of Electronic Frontier Foundation, and a footer [with the company address and url] as well as the non profit logo of Electronic Frontier Foundation. Take a screenshot of your work (zoom in and out, or take a supplementary shot if needed if the entire image cannot be captured in one go).
      • ways to take cropped screens shots on:
        • Mac: Command + Shift + 4
        • PC: Alt + Print Screen
        • Or use Skitch
  • Label each screen shot and document in this fashion: first name+last name. Homework #.png
    • add a .1a 1b 1c etc for the screenshots
      • ex. twsitzer.HW1.1a.png
      • ex. tswitzer.HW1.1d.png
  • Please submit: Screen shot of the document application system installed on the computer you are working on (from the programs, or application page of your computer), screenshot(s) of the document with the changes on it, screenshot(s) of the document with with header footer and logo. PLACE ALL OF THESE ITEMS IN A COMPRESSED ZIP FILE! Learn how to do this by reading this article.
  • Label your zip file like this:first letter of first name+last name. Homework #.zip example: tswitzer.HW1.zip  [for your zip file]

Submit Homework