Video Production Lab: Spring 2015

Meeting Time:
Fridays 11:00am – 1:00pm in Everett office (unless otherwise specified)
Mandatory Filming Day at Everett Alumni Weekend Saturday May 2nd

Lab Leader:
Andrew Blackwelder-
Office hours: Thursday’s at 1pm-2pm in Everett Office Soc. Sci. 2 Room 047, appointments available by email

Jessica Crosby-
Office hours: TBD in Everett Office Soc. Sci. 2 Room 047, appointments available by email

You are expected to be in class each week, prepared and on time. If you cannot make it to class for whatever reason, you will be responsible for obtaining the information we covered in class from one of your classmates, or meeting me by appointment for further clarification. If you must miss class (sick, etc.) you must email the lab leader and lab facilitator at least an hour before lab. Failure to notify the lab leader and facilitator by email will result in being marked absent. Each unexcused absences after two result in a 10% penalty to your overall grade in the lab

All resources and assignments will be posted on Read everything. If a resource is optional, it will be labeled as such in its title. You will be responsible for this information on the midterm and for use on your final project, although it may not be reiterated in class.

Due dates for all assignments is be noted on the syllabus. An email will be sent out on Fridays detailing your homework for each week. Please pay attention to the method by which to submit these assignments, as they will vary. You may submit up to one week late and receive up to 50%. If you did your work on time but got a bad grade, you have the option of resubmitting no later than one week after the due date, and changing your received grade up to 70%.

Collaboration and mutual support are critical to success in video production so expect to be working with others and to support one another. Video production is rarely a one person job and you will benefit more from the experience depending on how much you put into it.

It is important to note that along with the weekly meeting time there will be mandatory participation on Saturday May 2nd. More information on that to come.

Academic Integrity:
Cheating on exams and plagiarism are examples of violations in the realm of ethics and integrity. If you have any questions on what constitutes both good scholarship or the consequences of failing to work within campus expectations of honesty and professionalism, please view the available resources through the Division of Undergraduate Education (

Students Needing Accommodation:
If you qualify for classroom accommodations because of a disability, please submit your Accommodation Authorization Letter from the Disability Resource Center (DRC) to me as soon as possible, preferably within the first two weeks of the quarter. Contact DRC by phone at 831-459-2089 or by email at for more information.

Each unexcused absences after two result in a 10% penalty to your overall grade in the lab
60% class assignments
40% final project

Course Overview/Schedule:
Week 2 – April 10
Introductions, storyboard outlining, scripting, problem statements, and watch crowd sourcing videos
Resources: Making a Documentary Slideshare; Storyboard Template
Homework due: First draft of storyboard and outline of script

Week 3 – April 17
Composition, types of shots, intro to lighting
Homework due: 6 Photographs and 6 Short Summary’s

Week 4 – April 24
Video Movement
Resources: Picture vs Video; Perspective; Depth of Field
Homework: Second draft of storyboard and script

Week 5 – May 1
Intro to sound and voice over, microphones, creative commons- photo/music
Resources: Sound; Room Tone; Microphones
Homework due: Raw video

***Mandatory Participation Saturday May 2 at Everett Alumni Event***

Week 6 – May 8
Music & Production/editing
Homework due: Recorded voiceover

Week 7 – May 15
Final Cut Pro Intro, system setting, hardware, window, blade and tool
Resources: Final Cut Pro Tutorial; FCP User Manual

Week 8 – May 22
Final Cut Pro: Title cards, dissolve and audio levels
Homework due: Rough Draft

Week 9 – May 29
Work Day

Week 10 – June 5
Workday for the first hour of class, then sharing final projects in the second hour
Due: Final Project