Lesson 1


Pre-Production is the process of outlining your story. This can be done through a visual story board and a written script. To visually think about a story as well as write out a story will not only help the director/ creator, it will help transmit ideas and concepts to anyone involved in the production process.


Scripts consist of the movement, actions, expressions, narration (voice over), and dialogues of the characters. It’s the written outline of the story that will be produced often times before storyboards. The script will consist of dialogue and environment the production will take place. An example would be a monologue from a student about a social justice problem and how to use Information Communication Technology to help solve the problem. The environment the production could take place could be a studio or out in the redwoods. The script will help the creator outline the specifics to aid in communicating ideas before and during the production.
Image of Script
Story Boarding

Story Boarding is drawing out scenes of the story to communicate ideas visually. In video production it’s important to understand as the creator what you want visually before filming starts. Story boards will be a way the creator can envision and communicate ideas to the person behind the camera. It can illustrate the environment, specific actions/ movements of the characters, camera angles, and props.  Along with the visual drawings from scene to scene will usually have notes to describe the scene to better aid in communicating the visual ideas. The boxes of the story board will later be the frame of the camera.
Image of Story Board