You will be redesigning the website for a client. They had a catastrophic meltdown on their server and need to restore from a back up they had saved on a flash drive.

Important: The final is due Wednesday June 10th by 11:59pm, not at our normal Thursday submission time. No late submissions or resubmissions will be accepted. No exceptions.

What You Are Doing

Download the files and data for the website. Create a directory called “final” on your domain and manually migrate the website into this folder. You’re migrating a site to yourdomain/final. In other words, you are doing a manual migration of the website we give you.

Files: finaldemo

Database: database_file

The web address that you are replacing (when running the search and replace script) is:

Remember that sometimes when you do this type of site migration, you need to go into Settings and re-save your Permalinks.

WordPress Login Credentials

These are the login credentials for the website:

username: admin

password: dummypassword@123

Time to Be a WordPress Integration Specialist (Instructions):

Your first step was to perform a manual migration using the website files. Once you have done this, move to the next step.



A few things need to be fixed:

  • Fix the main navigation menu. Home should be the first menu item in the list.
  • Get rid of all the junk posts your organization made.


Next, we need to take steps in preparing for catastrophic server crashes. This organization tends to purchase hosting through horrible hosting companies.

  • Install the Backup and Restoration plugin UpdraftPlus on their WP website.
  • In UpdraftPlus, go to Settings. Keep File Backup intervals at Manual. Set Database backup intervals to Weekly. Take a screenshot proving you did this.
  • Using UpdraftPlus, do a full backup (from Current Status, hit Backup). Go to the Existing Backups tab, and take a screeshot proving you made a backup.


Take a few measures to increase the security of the website.

  • Install the CAPTCHA plugin (preview can be seen in Intro to Web Design Final lesson). Activate it.
  • Change the password for the admin user. After this, we shouldn’t be able to use the password you were given to login.
  • Disable comments for all pages and posts. This includes the posts that you will make in the next section as well.

Post Evaluations

It’s been a busy quarter filled with new WordPress knowledge. As your facilitators, we have enjoyed helping you reach new heights in the WordPress world. But we can only continue doing this if we are being effective. It’s your turn to voice your opinion as someone who has worked through this course. One of the lab leader’s personal philosophies is continual, iterative improvement. Your feedback is essential in making this happen.

Below are instructions for creating two posts. Within each post, you will answer a set of questions that will help you evaluate this course. Please make sure to answer each question/statement as each answer counts for points on your final grade.

We want to assure you that these post evaluations are a safe space for you to offer your honest opinion. We will not be grading your answers based on their content, but that you did answer the question and it seems you put enough effort into it.

Let’s get started.

Post #1: Course Evaluation

Create a new post and title it: Lab evaluation.

In the body of the post, answer the following questions:

Note: Some questions ask for one thing, but you are allowed to offer more.

  • What was one of your favorite parts of lab?
  • What is one topic/concept you wished you could learn in this lab?
  • What was most helpful in lab?
  • What parts of lab could be improved?
  • Did you come to office hours this quarter?
  • Any other comments/suggestions?

Post #2: Guest Lecture Evaluation

Create a new post and title it: Guest lecture evaluation. In the body of the post, answer the following questions:

  • Were there any topics the guest lecture went over that were helpful for you? If so, which ones?
  • What topics/concepts would be helpful for the guest lecturer to go over in the future?
  • Overall, was the guest lecture helpful in the context of this lab?
  • Any other comments/suggestions?

Lab Leader Note

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you all for a great quarter. It has been a pleasure serving as your lab leader and see you grow as WordPress Integration Specialists (sounds fancy huh?). Keep in contact and stop by the office if you can.

Wishing you the best in your future endeavors,



Email the following:

  • Email subject line in the following format: Final Firstname Lastname
  • The web address of your final website yourdomain/final. Please ensure your website is accessible when you submit it. No Database connections errors. If we can’t connect to your website, we won’t be able to grade and therefore a very low grade on the final.
  • Attach the two screenshots you took in the backup section.

Again: The final is due Wednesday June 10th by 11:59pm, not at our normal Thursday submission time. No late submissions or resubmissions will be accepted. No exceptions.