What is it?

Email forwarding allows you to forward specifically marked emails to other people or other emails. This makes it easy to organize and separate incoming mail. For example, you may keep getting mail from a service you subscribe to, but do not want to see the emails pile up in your UCSC inbox. You can forward them to a different email address that is less academically focused so you no longer receive the emails there, but rather in a more appropriate place. More so, you don’t have to unsubscribe from the service!

How Do Orgs Use Forwarding?

Orgs, like Everett, can create basically infinite email addresses on their domains. Some of them are for use by people, but some of them are more for processes. Look at the footer of this site and you’ll see an email address for the tech director. Go on our Contact Us page on the main site and you’ll see an email address that goes to “info@everettprogram.org”. We also have several more that perform automated system announcements for other subdomains on everettprogram.org. How do we keep track of all this? Why would we create so many addresses? It’s actually more efficient when you think about it.

Take the tech director email at the footer of this site. At time of writing, Thomas is the tech director, so why not just put his email address? Well what happens when Thomas leaves to accept a job at the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica? You would have to change that. Same goes for the info email. It doesn’t need to go to a particular person. Whenever we create a new email address that won’t be regularly checked, we simply set up a forwarder so that it automatically goes to one of the staff.


How Do You Use Forwarding in Gmail?

1. Go into your Settings for the email you wish to forward mail from.

2. Select the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab”

3. Click “Add forwarding address here”


skitch_iphoto.export.skitch 2


This window should pop-up:


skitch_iphoto.export.skitch 5

4. In the search bar at the top of your page (notice the blue magnifying glass icon), search for the types of emails you wish to forward.

5. You will then input the email address you are forwarding from in the first bar. Then, the email you’re forwarding to in the second bar. Please take note of the designated spaces below:

skitch_iphoto.export.skitch 3

6. For your security, Google sends a verification email to that address. Open your other email account and find the confirmation message from the Gmail team. If you’re having trouble finding it, check your Spam folder

7. Click the verification link in that email

8. Back in your Gmail account, reload the page in your web browser – look for the reload icon

9. On the same Forwarding and POP/IMAP page in Settings, check that Forward a copy of incoming mail is selected and your email address is in the drop-down menu

10. In the second drop-down menu, choose what you want Gmail to do with your messages after they’re forwarded, such as keep Gmail’s copy in the Inbox (recommended) or archive Gmail’s copy.

11. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Now you’re set! Any emails sent to this address will be forwarded to your specified address. Go ahead and test it out.