What is it?

Vacation mode, once turned on  in gmail settings,  send an automatic reply to the sender  of a message of you choice.

When and way it can it be used?

Vacation mode can be used when:

  • you are going on vacation and  need to  keep up business relationships & correspondence
  • the need to relay this information onto another person contacting you during this time.
  • if you have changed you email address and need those contacting on the old email forward to the message to a new one.
    • There are many other ways? What way do you think you can use other then the ones listed above?

Ways: The messages can range from “I am on a personal/familial/business trip and am unable to respond until X day and time. Thank you, [Your Name]” to “I have changed my email address. If you could please forward you original message to my new email [type new email here] that would wonderful. Thank you for taking the time, [Your Name]” to “Thank you for  your email. I am not in the office on this day. I work X days at X times. I will respond to your email during those business hours. Thank you, [Your Name]”.

These instances and ways are reasons why vacation mode is important!!

How you can use it!

  1.  Login into you gmail account! [UCSC or personal gmail]
  2. Click on gear button on the right side. Then select setting underneath that tab.Inbox__1__-_mlonga_ucsc_edu_-_UC_Santa_Cruz_Mail
  3. Scroll down the ‘General’ tab to section called ‘Vacation responder’. It is right under ‘Snippets’. Here you can edit and create you vacation autoemail response back here!


4. This is how vacation mode will present show that is on and working on the main           gmail homepage