If you really like Gmail’s user interface (UI) and you want to manage all your emails from one place, you can set it up to handle multiple accounts.

Let’s call our two email addresses “Primary Account” and “Secondary Account”. Where “Primary Account” is the one that we want to be able to send and receive for both.

Step One: Set Up a Forwarder

Using the instructions in the other part of this lesson, set email from Secondary Account to forward to “Primary Account”

Step Two: Add a “Send Mail As” Address

In the Primary Account, go to “Settings > Accounts and Import“. Go to “Send Mail As” and click to “Add another email address you own

Step Three: Fill In the Required Info

You’ll be prompted to enter the info and then supply a verification code that they’ll send you.

Step Four: Send From Either Account

You can now choose which account to send from when composing emails!