Hi Everybody,

Great first class! It’s a joy to be up in front of an audience who’s not allowed to leave and is compelled to listen. Just sending this email to give you a couple of resources.

Class Blog

Anytime I make an announcement I post it to the class blog as well. I also post tutorials and links to it. I’m hoping to do things like Plugin and theme reviews occasionally. Do you have a theme/plugin/workflow on WordPress you like? Write a post about it and we’ll publish it! Go to the class blog or Subscribe to Blog Via RSS.

HW Help

Like I said, I stare at glowing triangles for a living which means if you email me about needing help with something in the homework, I’ll usually respond immediately.

A lot of people were having difficulty in doing the part of the homework that asked you to create a static front page called “Home” and a blog page called “blog”. Here is a Codex entry that tells you everything you need to know. Start at the top and read down. It’s amazing what happens when you do that instead of frantcally scrolling to the middle of the article and reading the end of a random sentence.

Trouble Signing In to Moodle

Again, the homework submission portal is submit.everettprogram.org. You should have received an email earlier this week from “Tech Director” with the subject line “Lab HW Submission: New user account”. Use the search bar in your mail to find that. It contains your username and temporary password.

Looking forward to a great quarter!